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What if there are many computers and there is only one monitor available, what would be the greatest solution for this kind of situation? Well having a Video Switch is the answer. A Video Switch enables multiple PC to share one or even multiple projectors, monitors, or any video displays with VGA ports. Video Switch allows users to maintain video integrity and give and provide clear and sharp images.

VGA Video Switch enables up to eight computers to share 1 projector, monitor or any video display with VGA ports. DVI Video Switch allows users to switch back and forth between multiple computers with DVI inputs onto 1 DVI monitor. HDMI Switch enables users to access data from multiple HDMI inputs onto 1 monitor with HDMI ports. Video Matrix Switch enables users to route video from multiple computers up to multiple displays. It is a combination of a nice video switcher and a video splitter in one unit. It allows users to display the same image from 1 computer to all monitors or images from different PCs to different display monitors.

A brand like SmartVM carries a wide range or different kinds of Video Matrix Switches like DVI Matrix Router, VGA Video Matrix, A/V switcher, Composite Video Router and Component Video Matrix,. These video router units also come with push button controls, RS232 / 422 control, infra red control, TCP/IP access. VGA Video router allows users to router multiple VGA Video inputs to multiple VGA monitors. DVI Router is an ideal unit product for applications where users need switch and access multiple DVI computes to many DVI monitors. Composite Video Matrix or Component Video Matrix units are ideal products for applications where users have component or composite video inputs and outputs.

With all of the different capabilities and components, choosing a video switcher is a significant or very important decision for most video producers. While a video project's cinematography will determine what it looks like, it's the video switcher that provide and gives a multiple camera shoot its overall professional sheen. Video switchers, AKA video mixers, are particularly very essential for a live production. A talented operator can utilize and use a switcher to blend individual video cameras on the fly with wipes, dissolved and other effects, and frequently, but not always.

There are companies that provide facilities for the public for file sharing on line. Individuals or companies are provided with space on the Net to store their files. This facility is also available for storing and sharing videos. Individuals who own a camera, a computer and an internet connection can produce their own videos and place them on the net for public viewing.

Video sharing is a buzz word these days. Everyone wants to share their videos with the global audience and at the same time everyone wants to view videos of their choice sitting in the comforts of their pc room. All this is now possible with companies that have installed video sharing boxes and video switchers.

They play the role of a connection between those who have videos to share and those who would want to watch videos. It is time consuming and costly for an individual to buy videos or even to download videos, which many a time take hours. What better way than to have an internet connection and register with any of these companies who have this facility. Most of these companies offer this service free of cost. Some individuals have their own private set up, and it is for exclusive viewing by their friends and family members.

The video switcher has the capability to select or choose video providers or even go a step further and have a combination of video sources The video sharing box, on the other hand, is exclusive to individuals/companies or categories. It is a bonanza of sharing be it music, art, family life, the list is endless. A fine example of video sharing is Youtube which has gained popularity overnight who provide individuals channels which they can call their own where their videos are stored. Youtube also offers partnership based on certain conditions.

Video Sharing